research group

Current Members:

Foysal Haque
Ph.D. Student (Joined Fall 2021)

Milin Zhang
Ph.D. Student (Joined Spring 2022)

Shahriar Rifat
Ph.D. Student (Joined Summer 2022)

Andrew Ashdown
Ph.D. Student (Joined Summer 2022)

Mohammad Abdi
Ph.D. Student (Starting Fall 2022)


Niloofar Bahadori
Postdoctoral Fellow


We have multiple openings at the Roux Institute in Portland, Maine.

Please contact me at if interested. Please specify why your background and qualifications specifically fit within the research scope of our lab.

Disclaimer: Due to the very large number of emails received from prospective PhD students and postdocs, I am unable to respond to all of them or to go over all resumes and transcripts in any great detail. Moreover, admissions to the ECE PhD program at Northeastern are not decided by individual faculty but by a committee.